Forum Friday – *sigh* I wish I was going to NECC

Every Friday I try to pull a useful tidbit of information or a thought provoking discussion from the Tech Savvy Ed forum, and share it with the wider community. Think of it as a small way to give readers and participants on the site a little peak into the larger discussion. This week, I thought I’d pull something from the Ed Tech Conferences category of the forum, to share with those individuals that don’t normally attend large educational technology conferences, or may already attend a state-wide conference, and have yet to attend the really BIG ed tech conference; NECC.

It’s no secret that every year I attend the state-wide MACUL Conference in Michigan for technology in education, and I’ve been to various other smaller conferences like Connecting & Collaborating, but I have yet to attend the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference that’s held every year in the summer here in the U.S. Apparently, the NECC (National Educational Computing Conference) is the biggest, baddest, most mamma-jammin’ ed tech conference in the U.S., and each year I hear more and more about how excellent it is:

I’ll be there this year. I even get to present as a part of the Digital Playground, which is new this year.

Digital Playground – “Informal, all-day exhibit-style presentations featuring interactive hands-on demonstrations of technologies and resources available for art, assistive technology, math/science, music, physical education/health, and a new 21st-Century Media Center.”

Digital playground? Oh, man, that sounds so cool! To be able to play with all the newest gadgets, toys, and electronics for the classroom? AND to see how they could be used in practical ways across the curriculum? I’m already jealous!

I’ll be there as well. I’ll be heading down early on Saturday for the Edubloggercon meet up. Anyone else planning on that?

I’m not too far from TMeeks (I’m in Richmond, VA) so ATL is pretty close.

While I am still bitter I missed out on going to NECC last year in CA, I get to go to Apple Camp this year which more than makes up for it.

Apple Camp? There’s a special camp, just for Apple enthusiasts? Sign me up! Edubloggercon sounds like something I might actually be able to follow online, but to meet my fellow ed tech bloggers in person would be so much cooler. Top off the above remarks about NECC with that fact that there’s a special Kid’s Camp going on in conjunction with the conference, as well as the large number of presentations, seminars, and sessions focused on how to integrate the National Educational Technology Standards in the everyday classroom, this conference sounds like something I’m definitely going to have to start saving up for now in order to attend next year. Unfortunately, tight budgets at school and home, and a strong desire to spend as much of the summer as possible with my little girl means I’ll have to wait at least one more year before thinking about going.


  1. I was lucky enough to be selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator this year so I get a week in CA! I’m pretty fired up, especially combined with being able to go to NECC. It’s going to be a great summer.

    I’ll be sharing what I can for sure.

    Next year we need to meet up at NECC for sure.


  2. Congratulations on your award, Tom! I have to say, you are very deserving of such an honor (not just friendly lip service). The content and learning opportunities you create for your students (technology ninja, medievil spaces, etc.) are exactly what should be happening with technology in education and prove that 1 to 1 computing works; forget what all of these new reports are saying about schools dumping laptops. They just don’t know what to do with them. 😛

  3. I can’t get to NECC either this year so I know the feeling! I am presenting remotely though! Ah the joys of videoconferencing! 🙂

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