My Day Surviving #ISTE13

I’m currently NOT at the 2013 ISTE Conference in San Antonia, Texas. In fact, the vast majority of educators in the United States and around the world are most likely not at the conference either. However, the amount of buzz that ISTE generates dominates the mindshare in the greater education blogging and tweeting world. Some individuals lament not being able to attend, determined groups banding together to form “I’m not at ISTE” support communities to talk about the intersection of education and technology from afar. At least one prominent and vocal member of the education community is questioning whether conferences like ISTE merely reflect a lot of what’s wrong with our educational system.

What am I doing? I’m surviving not being at the conference the best I can with my kids, a little bit of Twitter mischief, and keeping myself busy with summer work for school. Oh, and I’ve created a couple of short videos with some tips for surviving the 2013 ISTE conference, in case you’re not there either. Enjoy!


Not enough tips for you? I made another one last night after the kids and I had some fun around town.


If you have your own tips for surviving the 2013 ISTE conference for those that aren’t there, I’d love for you to share them! Rather than mourn my lack of being unable to mingle, learn, and party with my colleagues in San Antonio, I’m trying to make the best of being home, and finding ways to connect with my family, friends, and colleagues here in Michigan. There’s no sense in torturing myself with incessantly watching the #ISTE13 twitter feed; sure I’m checking in on it from time to time, but there’s probably a lot of amazing experiences, opportunities, and people to connect with where you are too (at least I hope there are) without having to check in on a twitter hashtag. Make the most of the week, my fellow non-ISTE friends!