How To: Redeeming App Codes & Restoring Purchases on iPads

It’s a brand new school year, I’ve got a shiny new theme on the blog, and the K-2 teachers in my district all have iPads in their classrooms to use with students this year! YAY!

Alright, so we’re behind the curve on the whole “iPad” adoption thing, but I’m cool with that; I’m a huge fan of emphasizing pedagogy over devices in addition to our district being on the more conservative side of spending (Michigan schools are weathering both the financial meltdown and legislative re-allocating of funds to more post-secondary schools). I say this as a preface for my most recent “how to” video on redeeming app codes and restoring purchases on iPads, as it’s a rather simple task, but one that’s new to many teachers in my district.

Most teachers who have personal iOS devices in my district usually purchase apps through their own personal iTunes account, and while many have redeemed gift cards, a fair number don’t personally own iPads, nor have they ever redeemed anything via a code on the device itself. Hence, one of the easiest “how to” videos I’ve created yet, and one that I hope will help a lot of them as professional development training that teachers receive before students show up can quickly be forgotten or pushed aside with the excitement that a new school year brings.