How To: Screen Record Your iPad

I support the technological efforts of a few hundred teachers and thousands of students within my school district. I know there are others that perform roughly the same function as I do around Michigan, and the United States. I figured there might be a few more of us out there trying to provide support for iPads and other iOS devices. I’ve been creating “how to” videos for iPads every week since the start of this school year, and I though it might be a good idea to create a how to video of how I’m actually making the iPad videos.

Using both Camtasia and the Reflector App for Mac (there are free trials for both), I’ve been having a lot of fun creating screencasts that allow me to offer a greater degree of fidelity in screencasting my iPad. No rigged document camera, or an app that allows me to import screenshots of apps; actual live streaming video feed of my iPad makes it easy for those I’m helping see exactly what to do. Those last few sentences almost sound like a late-night infomercial, so I’ll just link to the “How To: Screen Record Your iPad” video, embed it below, and be done. Enjoy!


    1. This isn’t really very helpful at all £69.99 for the software -_- Seriously

  1. @Alex Hillier

    I agree with you absolutely, 100% IF the title of my blog post was “How to Screen Record your iPad for FREE” (^_-) Seriously.

  2. You can use QuickTime player to record iPad screen, free and easy, no need jailbreak.
    1. Plug in iPad to computer, launch QuickTime and select menu File->New Movie Recording.
    2. On the right of the red circle record button on the video preview screen is a reversed ^ icon. Click on it for a drop down menu allowing you to choose the iPad as video source. That’s all.
    To get better quality video like 4K or HD video, I’d recommend Acethinker iPhone/iPad Screen Recorder. Also support stream video recording on iPad.

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