My Techsmith #Screenchamp Thank You’s

Last month I was selected as a finalist for Techsmith’s Screenchamp video contest. Alright, so my video was selected, I just had to stump for it…a lot. While each category within the contest had a winner chosen by a secretive group of videophiles and Techsmith staff, all of the finalists were all in the running for a hefty “People’s Choice” award. The finalist’s video that received the most “likes” on Youtube was crowned the people’s choice winner, and given a whole bunch of awesome tech.

Sadly, I didn’t receive enough likes to achieve people’s choice. The competition was fierce, and eventually a great video from Francis Joseph Seriña introducing the “5 Love Languages” won the top prize. It was well deserved, as both the production and polish were well above my efforts. The good news is, despite not winning people’s choice, I was selected as a category winner (yay!), and got a nice bunch of gear and recognition for the work that I do to support my teachers and staff.

This is the first time I’ve ever put forth a sustained “vote for me, vote for me” effort in several social media realms. It gave me an opportunity to see just how amazingly supportive my collected network of friends, colleagues, and followers can be in a pinch, and helped pull me a few feet further out of the “I can do this on my own” pit of mentality that I quite often stumble into. I preach connected and collaborative work online, but I’m not always the best practitioner of it; face to face is my preferred realm. I’m sure there’s a nugget or two of something deeply important to better understanding myself in that, but I’ll save that for a conversation with my psychologist 🙂

Suffice it to say, I’m amazingly thankful and grateful for all of the shares, votes, and help from others. We all have incredibly busy lives, and in addition to thanking Techsmith and their employees for giving me this opportunity to begin with, I wanted to say “Thank You” for all the time and energy that was spent on my behalf. I have a new-found love for my network, and will certainly be pursuing some more adventurous projects in the new year with the knowledge that so many are willing to help share what I love doing.