New to Technology Integration?

I’ve found a great resource for those educators that have yet to take the plunge into technology integration, or for encouraging fledgling tech to flourish. The PT2 program (not to be confused with the PT3 program) is an interactive program focusing on preparing future teachers to use technology in the K-12 curriculum. Now you may be thinking; but we’re in-service educators, not pre-service students. This resource is very helpful for in-service educators; especially those teachers that you, as a tech savvy educator, might want to encourage to use technology.

I’ve run into several teachers in my building that would like to use technology more, but don’t have the time to put in studying theory or completing a technology certificate course. Since the PT2 developers have provided free online instruction, exploration, and resources, either you or the fledgling tech user you’re helping can work at a pace suitable for the learner, instead of adhering to a course schedule. So, what’s so great about this site? Broken up into modules, the PT2 site has clear and concise (something I’m still working on) units that take educators from an introduction to technology integration to developing life long technology learners, handhelds in the classroom, and using the Internet effectively with your students. I strongly encourage anyone looking for a tried method of helping non-tech or fledgling tech educators become tech savvy to take a look at PT2.