14 Days of #macul14 – Day Seven – ALL of the MACUL Interwebs!

This year’s MACUL Conference was probably the most explosive in terms of use of social media. Nothing surprising, right? Teachers have been rapidly adopting Twitter, Instagram, and other social spaces (let’s not even get started with Pinterest), so it stands to reason that every major education conference focused on technology will likely continue to be “bigger” than the previous one in terms of social media reach.

This year, some bright individual decided to go snag an Eventifier account, and created a hub for all the social media tweeted out with the #macul14 hashtag. Over 1400 photos, 20K tweets, and more than 3600 contributors added to the stream for the “best education technology conference ever” (it says so on the website, so it must be true, MACUL is the best). The numbers for the blogs disappointed me slightly, with only 68 blog entries found marked with #macul14, but considering none of my previous six reflections have appeared on the Eventifier page for the conference, I’m calling shenanigans on whatever method they’re using to aggregate blogs. Psssst, Eventifier, Google Blog search works quite well 🙂

Click here to see ALL of the interwebs talking, sharing, tweeting, and posting about #macul14!

This post wasn’t really so much a reflection for me. It’s mostly  an attempt to get more people from my district (I know some of you read this blog), and other educators that aren’t on twitter or other social media to see just how much there is out in the “connected” spaces of the web. Brownie points to the 3 people who are still rocking SlideShare, and found the time to get their presentations posted!