14 Days of #macul14 – Day Ten – The Hashtag is STILL Going

When I first set out to write 14 posts, reflections, and thoughts about the MACUL 2014 conference, I thought it would be rather straight forward. I have Google Docs filled with resources, video, audio, and links to more media than I could watch in a single week-long “binge” session. The small black “chiclet” sized keys of my MacBook Pro are slightly more wobbly thanks to the pounding punishment they took during the conference. If I’m very quiet, I can convince myself that the sound of my hard drive spinning up is just a bit more labored than what it was before the conference.

It turns out, all of this information is actually making it more difficult to write posts, share thoughts, and gather resources. I’ve become paralyzed at times with how much information I gathered, and which group or individuals I might be “letting down” by not sharing their great resources as well. So today I’m keeping it simple. Rather than attempt to mine out any more nuggets from my notes, I’m going to remind myself, and others, that the Twitter #macul14 hashtag is STILL GOING! And it’s April! This is one of the longest social media “bumps” that I’ve seen the conference hashtag enjoy!

Yes, it’s slowed down a bit. Yes, the public sharing of excitement has been rather mute, but I know the energy from the conference is still being played out in classrooms across Michigan as we head into Spring Break for most of us. So in case you’re heading into your break and enjoying a “stay-cation” like myself, or just need a small taste, go check out the hashtag (you don’t even need a Twitter account). Better yet, if you’re on Twitter, share what you’ve implemented since leaving MACUL 2014, and keep the excitement going, because the educators in the U.P. that couldn’t make the trek down to Grand Rapids would LOVE to taste a bit of that energy when their MACUL conference happens in early May!

Click here to see the #macul14 hashtag and continue to add to it if you’re on Twitter!