How To: Embed a Google Calendar on Another Website

It’s Monday, your neurons may not be fully caffeinated yet, and you may have a few people in need of figuring out how to embed a Google Calendar on another website. In my district, that would be the entire High School staff, and a good portion of the Middle School staff. Our High School teachers all maintain openly accessible Google Calendars for students and parents to quickly check on assignments and other important events (ack, end of unit test!). The teachers embed those Google Calendars on their respective teaching websites, so students and parents can find them and subscribe. It’s a nice balance of responsibility amongst the parents, students, and teachers; teachers publish important information and dates once, and parents and students receive it via their Google Calendar accounts, or other web-enabled calendar application.

While I can’t provide a screencast showing how to embed a Google Calendar on every conceivable major web publishing platform or content management system, I can walk you through the basics of making the calendar publicly available, finding the code to copy, and then pasting it into an iframe or other website building tool that accepts HTML code (Weebly, Wix, etc.).

As I said, the video may not be useful for embedding a calendar on your actual web publishing platform, but I hope it’s helpful to a view people out there.