Science Rocks!

As much preaching as we can do about using technology in the classroom to reach students in new and exciting ways, and as many conferences that we attend specializing in educational technology, it’s inspiring to see educators that don’t regularly attend technology conferences or focus on technology integration embrace new technologies to engage their students. The following movie was made by two high school science teachers in my school district that were thinking about engaging their students and creating something fun, not necessarily about the technology.

I shared the movie with as many as I could, and then realized that I hadn’t yet posted it here. This is exactly the kind of technology that engages, entertains, educates, and inspires. Many teachers are just as creative as Mr. Newman and Mr. Ablao, and have access to a digital video camera, but are just lacking the encouragement. The rest is made easier and easier everyday by tools like TeacherTube and other online media sites. So consider this video the encourgement you or others might need to start embracing technology in new ways.


  1. Thia is great, Ben. Thanks for sharing because I would never have found it my own. Please thank your colleagues not only for their creative energy and use of technology, but also for posting to TeacherTube (which is not blocked in my district).

  2. I will pass on the kind words Gail, especially the tahnks for posting to TeacherTube. They also posted on YouTube (for the sake of the students), but the double post to TeacherTube made it extra nice for the teachers that wanted to view it at school.

  3. If it weren’t for the technology course I am taking, I would never have found “Science Rocks”. I plan to visit TeacherTube and download “The Metric System” for my students. Next week we begin metric conversions and I think they would get a kick out the video….thanks.

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