Tech Director Chat #003 – Communications & Student Views

It’s Monday. I’ve had quite the busy weekend working on far too many projects and enjoying my family, but I wanted to get this podcast out before the end of the day! This week’s episode of Tech Director Chat ran a bit long (I’ll really have to do something about that), but the conversation was rather interesting for me, and I hope for other educators passionate about technology as well; I got my tech director to open up a bit and share some honest feelings about whether we’re doing a good enough job of looking at our instructional settings from s student’s perspective.

That in and of itself felt like a pretty good accomplishment, but perhaps more rewarding for me is that we managed to get those episode recorded amidst phone calls, buzzers, interruptions, and a game going on in the middle school gym across the hall. Three weeks in, and it feels like we’ve got the makings of a solid “format”, but I’m still open for any and all critiques, comments, and suggestions for improvement. Let me know in the comments.

In this third episode, Pete and I attempt to address the sticky issue of when attempts to help aren’t always so helpful, why tech support often comes at the last minute, and what we can do to make ourselves better “helpers”. We roll of few issues up into a group of questions adressing what we’ve tried to do and hasn’t worked, and attempt to address a question posed by Sarah on Twitter about looking at instructional technology from student’s point of view.

Timestamps for this weeks questions:

:50 – Pete feels inadequate about his title

2:45 – What has Pete been doing today?

3:53 – Is the work that Pete does thankless?

5:35 – Why does support sometimes come at the last minute?

6:45 – What sort of processes are in place, or not,  to build effective support?

9:22 – If you build a website, will people come?

11:25 – How do you deal with the responses to help emails don’t go as planned?

14:15 – Why does Ben get frustrated when trying to help people doesn’t end up being helpful?

16:50 – Do you think we’re doing a good enough job of trying to view the instructional setting through the eyes of the students?

21:00 – Ben cannot edit anything down to 20 minutes

Tech Director Chat – Communications & Student Views