Fresh Links!

They’re finally live; “Fresh Links!” Carefully grown in the fertile minds of Internet users around the globe, lovingly hand-picked by our members, and delivered fresh, each day, to your computer, our Fresh Links are exactly what every educator needs to help his or her classroom grow.

Now that the advertisement is over, please check out this latest edition to the site. Rather than create a stale and 6 page long listing of sites, we’ve found a way to incorporate freshly found educational sites into our web site with a highly searchable archive. For the time being searching the Fresh Links Archives will take you to an off site page, but it’s quite easy to navigate, includes intuitive tags, and has the links listed using a common folksonomy that aides in searching. There’s even a Fresh Links feed so you can have the links delivered to your aggregator without the fuss of having to bookmark the site each day. Or if you prefer, stop by the site each day, see what’s going on, and participate in the conversation.

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