Fresh Links are Wilted and Dying, time to Water them!

I used to pride myself in how often I updated the site. If I wasn’t updating the main blog with some reflective thoughts or a new resource, then it was making a quick post of the forum, or saving a website to explore later on the Fresh Links page. Sadly, over the summer, the less than stellar social bookmarking site I was using, Jots, was finally overrun by hackers, link spammers, and pornography links. While the service was never really special to begin with, the only reason I continued to use it was because there was no “Export” feature to retrieve all of my bookmarks and start again fresh on another site.

Ma.gniolaSo it was with mixed joy and horror to find that the Jots site is now dead; in its place a typical Google Ads place-holder site. You know, one of those sites that’s filled with nothing but Google Ads in an attempt to bilk Google and the average Internet user out of money, clicks, and web traffic. Turns out, the death of the Jots website was a blessing in disguise, as I rekindled an old interest in Ma.gnolia, a social bookmarking website that I’ve always had a bit of a “crush” on with it’s slick interface, terrific community of bookmarkers, and all sorts of great tools, RSS feeds for separate categories, and more. In essence, it provides all of the great benefits of using, except with the curb appeal of a website that doesn’t scream “I LOOK LIKE A WESBITE FOR TECHIES!”

If you usually peruse the Fresh Links page, please be patient as I try to integrate Ma.gnolia’s service with the site. I have some great plans that should make it even easier for educators to quickly find those little gems of websites that I bookmark, but never quite get a chance to talk about. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a place to start your experience with social bookmarking, or just to to see what the competition to your bookmarking site looks like, give Ma.gnolia a look.

P.S. I received no compensation and/or other benefits from Ma.gnoila for “hawking” their site, but an a new 4GB iRiver Clix would be awesome if the Ma.gnolia people like what I say 😛


  1. i use listmixer for my “social” bookmarking; though, i am not social about it. but i had it go down on my one day many months ago and i thought i was losing all of my bookmarks. turned out that they were just having server issues and all was corrected a few hours later.

    but that experience made me realize how fragile some of these services are that are free. unfortunately, listmixer doesn’t allow exporting of bookmarks. so i’ve slowly been taking my sites in listmixer and actually bookmarking them on my computer . . . just in case.

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