Fresh Links are Flourishing Once Again!

Fresh LinksFor those that may not have caught an earlier post this week, I used to maintain a list of my most recent bookmarks on the website here. I used an online bookmarking service that was often lackluster and finally gave up the ship this summer. I finally decided to switch over to a new service this week, so all 4 of you that were actually following my bookmarks can pick up the new list on my Fresh Links page. I also have an RSS feed for my bookmarks that you can find at the bottom of this page under Syndication, or on the Fresh Links page.

The new Fresh Links page includes thumbnail images of the websites (maybe useful) as well as tags for searching for similar sites (highly useful). There’s also a link to my archives, which sadly right now is very small. However, expect it to grow quickly as I start to fill it up with bookmarks from the forum and the blog.

If you’ve never used an online social bookmarking service before, I highly recommend Ma.gnolia. It allows you to start or join groups of similar interests, so you can harness the collective resources of several bookmarkers. That and it’s got a pretty slick interface 🙂