Tech Director Chat #006 – Pete Geeks Out

You know what they say about Tech Directors. You give them a simple question about RAM, and they’ll want 5 minutes to explain caching. If they take 5 minutes to explain caching, they’re going to want to take 7 minutes to explain how to clear it. You get where this is going. Pete geeked out a little on this week’s episode, but that’s alright, because we need it every now and then.

This week we focused entirely on questions from our school district, including some seriously geeky responses from Pete about RAM, cache, and how to best avoid the “beachball of death”. We even make a recommendation for Memory Clean, a Mac App that will help you regain some “snap” in your Mac’s step. Once I get Pete back on track we attempt to tackle some big questions about the direction of technology in our school district, and Pete is completely stumped by a musical trivia question about the Beatles.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:30 What has Pete been doing at his big conference?

2:03 So this conference you were at is seriously techie?

4:30 Any tips for people to get their Macs to run faster?

5:28 For non techies, what does Cache or RAM stand for?

5:58 Does Ben’s desktop analogy work for understanding RAM?

7:50 What can teachers do to help free up space in RAM?

13:20 Did we really just spend six minutes being geeks about RAM, hard drives, and caches?

14:00 How does Pete see his job changing when our bond passes next month?

16:30 What’s your big picture for technology in Mattawan Schools?

20:06 What is the only Beatles’ song that none of the four band members play instruments on?

21:05 Ben questions whether Pete can really call himself a musician

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Tech Director Chat – Pete Geeks Out