Tech Director Chat #007 – Let’s Stump Pete

We’ve made it to the long fabled episode 7 of our podcast! Actually, I have no idea whether that’s a milestone or not, but in this week’s episode I do get to use a creepy voice, Pete and I battle the evils of the Yik Yak App, and we touch upon the “no tech” philosophy of the Waldorf School. I also introduce a regular segment, “Stump Pete”, in which we get to question whether he’s fit to call himself a musician.

All that and more on this week’s exciting episode of “Tech Director Chat!

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

:48 How’s it going today?

:59 What’s up with this Yik Yak App that hit the district last week?

4:50 When the bond passes, will each new classroom have some type of interactive whiteboard and a sound system?

7:50 Does Ben sound too creepy when whispering into the microphone?

8:41 Do school districts send home manuals for devices that students use?

10:25 If we were to pursue a 1:1 program, how could you see the program being embodied in our school district?

12:15 Does anyone really want clones of Ben?

12:52 Is it vital for students to have access to technology? Why or why not?

17:00 The Waldorf School doesn’t believe in technology?

19:09 In the 1970s hit song, “The Night Chicago Died” where was “Daddy” a cop, and when?

Tech Director Chat – Let’s Stump Pete!