And Now, an Endless Train of Cars [GIF]

I’ve been blogging every weekday in November as an homage to the now defunct NaBloPoMo. Started in 2006, the “National Blog Post Month” movement was a response to the “National Novel Writing Month” event, in which writers across the web dedicate themselves to writing for sustained periods every day in November. The goal is to write a novel, or at least get a good start on one. The blogger’s parallel movement was to encourage a sustained effort to write around passionate topics, and help the fledging (at the time) blogging ecosystem.

Even after the NaBloPoMo community was bought up by BlogHer, and turned into a “theme a month” community of writers comprised mostly of women, I still enjoy the challenge of trying to squeak out some thoughts on a regular basis in November. Sure, I cheat, and take the weekends off. It’s not a perfect practice of squeaking, but I’m enjoying it.

Some days, I don’t have much to say. I may be exhausted, I may play extra hard with my kids, I may use up my evening time on chores, etc. On days like that, you get an animated GIF of a train of plastic toy cars. I made it during a trip to the library with my kids this evening. They had fun playing with the toys and getting new books; I got to play with my kids, and take some video to turn into a geeky loop of toy cars. It was a win/win.