FREE AlphaSmarts from Renaissance Learning

Renaissance Learning will be launching a giveaway contest on January 3rd, 2008 for 2 mobile labs of AlphaSmart NEOs, one full day of onsite training, three remote training sessions, and a mobile cart, wireless receiver, and printer!

21st Century Writing Grant

Although the grant program is called the 21st Century Writing Grant, I’m not quite sure how the AlphaSmarts represent the new 21st Century learning concept of networking, online collaboration, and the read/write web. My guess is the Renaissance marketing team just decided to slap “21st Century” on the title because those are the latest buzz words. Regardless, it would be quite the prize to have a complete lab of 30 desktop word processors complete with a wireless printer and cart for recharging. Add to that the training that’s included and you’ve got yourself a complete package.

Apparently, there will also be requirements for the 2 schools receiving the prize, including providing preliminary reports on how the AlphaSmarts are being used, and a final report. Since it’s coming from Renaissance Learning, there’s probably lots of ways to incorporate the AlphaSmarts with some of Renaissance’s products.