Tech Director Chat #018 – What About Chromebooks?

The single most uttered phrase in education is most likely “it’s all about the kids!” That’s a great sentiment, but the reality is that it’s not. It’s about funding, it’s about accountability, it’s about grown up adult fears and anxiety over making poor decisions and throwing thousands of dollars away while chasing some educational pipe dream. When it comes to technology, and its role in education, the situation is no different. Everyone has an opinion on how technology should be used, and the reality is not one that many teachers would like to hear; implementing, supporting, and maintaining a wide variety of devices and technologies is not something most school districts have the resources and expertise to handle.

This week’s episode of Tech Director Chat covers that, as well as whether content specific technology could be an actual thing; the jury is likely still out on that one, but it’s an interesting conversation to have.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

0:50 What has Pete been up to today?

1:30 Pete shares some of the conversations he’s having with teachers.

1:50 Why don’t we outfit classrooms with technology based on the content taught within it?

4:30 Is the way we’ve been doing technology in education even relevant anymore?

5:30 How do we engage the tech staff to bridge gaps between teachers and the tech department?

7:14 We were on track to have Yosemite ready to go, what happened?

11:00 What about Chromebooks?

16:15 If you were a student in High School right now, what would frustrate you the most?

18:28 Stump Pete!

19:30 Who invented the mouse?

Tech Director Chat – What About Chromebooks?