Tech Director Chat #021 – Spring Break!

Every once and awhile, you need some time off. Time off from a busy work schedule, a few months of bitter cold temperatures and snow, or maybe just a week off from tech questions. Apparently, our listeners at school decided this was a week for more personal questions than tech-related. This week’s episode delves into my Tech Director’s personal life, from jamming with Big Head Todd & the Monsters on his vacation, to his former life an an athletic trainer for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The podcast was actually a blast to record, and it was now of our best….until iCloud ate the media file and we had to re-record. Hopefully we kept our energy up, and were able to usher in Spring Break on a casual, fun-filled note.

Here’s a special bonus; Pete jamming with his rock idols on vacation:

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

:52 Yes, Ben accidentally lost the first recording of the podcast this week.

2:03 What has Pete been up to today?

2:13 What is the morning Tech Dept. meeting all about?

4:35 JW wants to know, what’s the best thing Pete did on his vacation?

5:11 Why does Pete call “Big Head Todd & the Monsters” his favorite band?

7:00 Cheryl wants to know, when are you getting married?!

8:13 Dr. Bird wants to know, did you use computers when you worked with the Chicago Blackhawks?

9:55 Were there any big technology tools that you used in your former life as an athletic trainer?

10:40 Todd wants to know, who do you have winning your NCAA bracket?

12:00 Todd was curious about anything exciting that came out of the MACUL conference.

12:50 Ben has a growing Google Presentation with all MACUL attendees thoughts shared on it.

15:25 Stump Pete!

16:25 Which Beach Boy declined an invitation from “Uncle Sam” to join the army in 1967?

Tech Director Chat – Spring Break!