How To: Enter District Provided Professional Development Hours to MDE

Full warning to any regular readers of the blog, this post is Michigan-centric! Sorry.

Every year thousands of teachers need to renew their teaching certificate in the state of Michigan, and have to negotiate a labyrinthine system of websites, databases, and logins to make sure they have all of their professional development hours properly inputted. In the last few years, Disitrct Provided Professional Development Hours (DPPD) have played an increasingly important role in helping teachers receive their teaching certificate renewals, but in many school districts budget cuts have left no one in central office to help teachers navigate the process.

After a lot of questions from teachers, I decided to create a simple screencast walking someone through the process of inputting DPPD to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System, to ensure that you have all of your hours properly recorded before it comes time to renew your teaching certificate. It’s not terribly witty, goofy, or fun; just practical. If you’re in Michigan and have teachers in need of this, please share!