Tech Director Chat #023 – The Death of DVDs?

This week we answer ALL the questions! Well, just about all of them, and what a varied bunch of questions they were. From blended learning and basic tech help, to some deeper questions about evaluating IT and what to do as we look at the future of DVDs, there’s a little bit of something for everyone in this episode. Pete has a moment of silence as he contemplates an interesting question from Jeremy on Twitter about how the Technology Department can be more connected to the classroom and get better feedback, I talk about how he’s embraced the cloud when it comes to video, and we even touch upon some ways to safely dispose of older technology (hint, the Michigan DEQ has a database of locations in each county to call for Hazardous or eWaste collections or more information). Pete also gets to share his favorite acoustic guitar maker, Volbrecht, as he catches a break from last week’s near guess.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:09 What has Pete been up to today?

1:42 Is “borked” a professional IT term?

2:21 What do we do with old outdated equipment that’s collecting dust?

5:13 Brian from Twitter wants to know, how can we get certain filetypes unblocked for school computers?

7:35 Kevin is curious to know, what should I do with all the instructional DVDs that I have when we upgrade to new computers without DVD drives?

10:15 Ben has embraced the cloud, and uses Vimeo, Youtube, and Google Drive for videos.

11:30 Nancy wants to know, what’s the best way to remove apps from an iPad so they don’t come back when you sync it with your computer?

13:42 Jeremy from Twitter wants to know how the technology can team be more connected to classroom teachers for evaluation and feedback?

18:33 When it comes to Blended Learning, what would be a good online environment to use?

21:56 Stump Pete!

22:12 Pete screwed up last week.

23:21 Nancy wants to know, in your your opinion, who makes the best acoustic guitars?

Tech Director Chat – The Death of DVDs?

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