Tech Director Chat #025 – Putting Learning First

It’s late, I know, I know! Insert “end of the year, far too busy excuse” here. Thankfully, it’s only a week off, and with the final podcast being recorded later this week, that will make 26 conversations revolving around technology and education that Pete and I have had this year…well 26 conversations that we’ve actually documented. I’ve got some ideas on where to take this for next year, as well as incorporating more voices from learners and teachers, but for now, enjoy!

Our teachers are getting new laptops this summer, and there’s a lot of concern over the lose of DVD drives (we’re going to MacBook Airs), and we address those concerns with some optimism about moving to online video. We talk about how certain technology purchases are made, and thanks to Todd Bloch and Michael Medvinsky, we also answer some “big” questions about trying to put learning first when it comes to technology.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

0:51 What has Pete been up to today?

2:47 Todd from Twitter wants to know, what is the most important thing for teachers to know about technology?

3:55 So the most important thing about technology is to ask for help?

5:30 So what does Ben think about Todd’s question?

6:54 Michael from Twitter wants to know, how are we ensuring that thinking and learning drive our use of technology?

10:20 What does Pete think about Michael’s question?

13:00 Wait, are we really getting new laptops?

14:00 Will the new laptops be in before the end of the school year?

15:42 Why didn’t we order the laptops earlier in the year?

16:40 So, what are the specs on the new laptops? Are Macbook Airs slower?

18:26 Stump Pete!

18:43 The “Artist” wants to know who is Ronnie Tutt?

20:13 Pete wins some glitter flowers!

Tech Director Chat – Putting Learning First