Anyone Still There? What I’ve Been Up To…

I received a quick e-mail this weekend from a reader, which in and of itself is a strange thing to say “I have readers”, who was curious as the activity, or rather lack thereof, on the site recently. They wondered if I was feeling a bit burned out given my most recent post about how underperforming I feel I’ve been this last month (a HUGE thank you to all of the individuals that left encouraging comments for me). They also pointed out that I haven’t had a Forum Friday posting in a couple of weeks, and was hoping that I would soon be returning to my regular posting schedule.

Usually I try to maintain a steady stream of posts here on the site, whether it be on the forum, the main blog here, or on the Fresh Links page, but at least one person noticed enough of a decline in activity to ponder whether or not I was just starting to slow down. The truth of the matter is not that I’m slowing down, but rather other projects have been speeding/ramping up, and thus have been more demanding on my time. Retooling old projects and creating new projects for my students, trying to establish a new community and social networking site for MACUL, and getting the conference blog running for our state’s largest ed-tech conference are just a few things taking up my time.

To say that I’m excited about all of the new projects I’m working on would be an understatement, so I’ve decided that every day this week I’ll detail one of the new projects that’s been taking up so much of my time. With luck, I’ll manage to get a few of you excited too, without completely boring you to death. That having been said, I’ll leave all of you Michigan educators with an exciting reason to attend MACUL’s annual Ed-Tech conference this March 5-7th in Grand Rapids.


  1. If I had a little extra money and a lot more time, I’d love to come. Breaking lose some years ago for CUE conference in Palm Springs was a great trip, even though I wasn’t a California Computer Using Educator at the time. But I think you’d have to promise some better weather to go with all the fun to really attract folks 8>).

    Good to see you back here, as well as being busy with other stuff.

  2. I completely understand Andy. I’ve never attended any of the NECC Conferences because of the cost. In fact, I wouldn’t even have attended as many of the MACUL conferences as I have if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve either been a presenter and/or a board member. Of course, the cost of travel would pretty much hamper any of your national travel efforts.

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