Tricia Fuglestad’s Vine Art is Beautiful

Tricia Fugelstad is more than just an elementary art teacher and technology enthusiast. She’s a digital artist savant, elevating even the simplest of 6-second videos to a level I will probably never equal; I’m both impressed and slightly jealous of her work. Jealous in that I don’t possess the inherent imagination to mix digital and analog mediums the way Tricia does so easily. And impressed that while her personality and style is quick to surface with her cheerful Do Ink app work, she can just as easily shift into artwork that starts to scratch through to deeper emotions.

Tricia’s playfulness and creativity is evident in her bright kid-friendly creations.

Her artwork is full of playful images of robots, flowers, and warm memories of the world.

And that playfulness lends itself to a more “magical” piece of 6-second video that’s more than just a seamless Vine; it’s a small vignette of art both old and new juxtaposed in a way that is intimately familiar.

And just when you can’t imagine it getting any better, she does what all great artists do; she brings real life pain, courage, and hope into her work. Her husband, Dave, was involved in a motorcycle accident in 2014 that severely damaged his spinal cord. She’s documented his recovery on her blog, created a super hero in his honor, and continues to be #DaveStrong as she shares both his recovery and their relationship through Vine.

Tricia isn’t just a Vine “user.” She’s an artist that expresses herself beautifully through the medium, and demonstrates to all of us that the power of the tools educators like myself use isn’t in knowing where every menu option lies, and what shortcuts will best expedite our path to better efficiency. The power comes from the intimacy of our creations, and how we share our emotions with the world.

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