Tech Director Chat #30 – Providing $$$ for Technology

Holy cow, we made it to 30 episodes! That’s the biggest milestone I can celebrate for the podcast at the moment. The listenership is hovering somewhere around 195 average listeners, and a number of Technology Directors and administrators in Michigan have either commented, emailed, or mentioned at a conference that they listen, and I’m flattered.

We certainly aren’t doing anything earth shatteringly amazing in our school district with technology (although the teachers constantly amaze us with with their big projects), and we have plenty of flaws when it comes to providing appropriate staffing, support, and resources. So it’s nice to hear that others are interested in what Pete and I are saying, and listen in on our weekly conversation, and I hope that it can serve as a catalyst for others to create more open dialogues in their school districts about the intersection of technology and curriculum.

In this week’s episode we share a few grant sources for starting some small projects with technology, and we talk about how we’re focusing our bond dollars towards technology work stations for teachers.

Grant resources mentioned in the podcast:

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:18 What if education success was like baseball batting averages?

2:03 What has Pete been up to?

2:53 We have 3D printers at the Later Elementary?

4:22 JW asks, how are the plans for new technology in the bond going?

6:08 Why did the High School and Middle School lose internet before Thanksgiving?

6:55 So we’re ready to send out all of the RFPs for the technology work?

7:45 What new technology will be available to teachers in the bond?

10:13 What is the quickest and easiest way to get iPads into your classroom?

12:10 Pete totally tricks Ben into reading his own question!

13:58 Stump Pete!

14:22 What is the most successful band to come out of Kalamazoo?

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Tech Director Chat – Providing $$$ for Technology