Tech Director Chat #33 – Ben’s Emails Can’t Be Trusted

And we’re back! Every podcast deserves an extended mid-Winter break of more than two months, right? I dusted off the microphone, put aside Spring Assessment preparations; because I honestly feel that despite some lingering anxiety, we’re actually pretty well prepared.

Pete and I returned with a few hard hitting questions about concerns over why administration might need to dive into someone’s email archives, a question about mandating Blended Learning environments for teachers, and what in the world is happening to me email! I promise, if you’ve gotten suspicious looking email from my work account, it’s not me!

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

1:12 Where have Ben and Pete been?

2:30 Pete and Ben are no longer co-habitating in the same work space?

4:41 What are the protocols for administrators or district officials to look into our emails and district provided technology?

6:13 Google keeps a log of any access to an account?

7:12 We have had FOIA requests, but Pete has never been given any orders to look into someone’s laptop for suspicious reasons.

7:46 Are staff notified if someone would go through any of their files?

9:12 Why is it that no one can trust opening Ben’s emails anymore?

11:52 What is email spoofing?

14:15 Is our district going to be mandating the use of Google Classroom?

18:58 Stump Pete!

20:03 What reason did Jimi Hendrix give for being discharged from the army?

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Tech Director Chat – Ben’s Email Can’t Be Trusted