Tech Director Chat #34 – Wifi & Stuffed Animals

Have you ever found yourself curious about how basic wifi networks work? No? Well then, that’s too bad, because Pete and I took far too much time to explain how they work using our own homegrown metaphor with highways, maps, traffic cops, and even trains. It’s actually not that bad of a metaphor, we just drone on for no good reason. However, we do manage to answer a host of other questions about occupancy sensors, recovering deleted files, and more.

Beyond that, this week’s episode of our semi-regular podcast boasts an explanation of the little stuffed pig that Ben carries around with him (you can follow piggy’s adventures on Instagram if you like). And then Pete manages to flunk another “Stump Pete!” challenge, but I’m still pretty certain that he knows what Bjork’s first band was.

Timestamps for this week’s questions:

0:55 Pete is confused about how we open the podcast

1:32 What has Pete been up to?

3:07 Will the new schools have designated places for technology to be stored?

4:55 What information do the occupancy sensors provide, and what do they cost?

7:30 Kevin wants to know if he can recover previously deleted iMovie project files.

9:00 What’s up with the Apple TVs?

10:22 The Tech Department turns into an 80s arcade

11:00 Ben attempts to ruin Pete’s explanation of our wireless network.

15:45 Someone wants to know why Ben always has a little stuffed pig with him.

20:15 Stump Pete!

22:02 What was Bjork’s first band?

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Tech Director Chat – Wifi and Stuffed Animals