Looking for Rubrics: Personal Learning Network, ACTIVATE!

I promised myself (secretly of course) that I wouldn’t start using the phrase “Personal Learning Network.” It’s not that I’m ashamed of being connected to such an amazing group of people online. In fact, quite often I feel as though I learn more in a single day reading through my Bloglines than I would in half a dozen graduate courses about technology in education. It’s just that I’m not a huge fan of catch phrases, buzz words, and edu-jargon (I’m talking about you, Mr. Zone-Of-Proximal-Development).

But now that I’ve gone and completely shot my credibility as an educator with any hopes of curriculum appointments, I thought I’d ask all of you wonderful people out on the Interwebs that I communicate and share with, do you have any really great Writing and/or Wiki Rubrics? I’m trying to come up with an assessment for the 5th graders for the Kidpedia project that I’ve been working on, and hadn’t settled on one that would address both technological and language arts criteria. Since I’ve based the entire project on their grade level expectations in English Language Arts, and elementary Tech Standards, I want to have them grade the individual entries on their wiki-powered encyclopedia to see how well those entries and their use of the Kidpedia matches those standards.

I know of several sites to create my own rubrics online, and there are many pre-made rubrics floating around, but I’d really love to have a rubric that’s been field tested, battle worn, and ready to go for 5th graders (in other words, not too wordy, with a focus on the presentation and quality of the writing, and a small spattering of wiki-use content like commenting and editing). I’ll start working on my ELA/Wiki Rubric this evening, but I was hoping it wasn’t too much to ask from a few hundred of my closest friends on the Internet 🙂


  1. Sadly, I don’t have anything useful to offer you. But I’d love to see what you come up with. It seems like something that will be useful to so many of us.

  2. Jenny, I’ll make sure to post anything I find, and if I get any e-mails. So far nothing; I’m thinking slamming the terminology wasn’t the best lead for this post 🙁

  3. Here’s something I found on Aram Kabodian’s “writing with technology” MACUL workshop handouts. It’s from Will Richardson’s wiki presentation. I haven’t gone through all the links, but I too, am interested in this, so don’t give up! (Or if you do give up and make your own, please share 😉 http://webloggedlinks.pbwiki.com/Wikis

  4. Indeed, look forward to seeing what you find. While there are lots of great rubrics for writing, I’m looking for MS level rubric. Specifically, would like to link the projects that students do using wikis in order to assess two of our School-Wide Learning Results — Communicate Effectively (presentation, writing, appearance, sourcing, etc) & Collaborate Constructively.

  5. I looked through some of the resources, and borrowed a little bit here and there, but mostly stuck with my own 4 criteria rubric for the Kidpedia. I based the rubric on Quality of the Information, Organization, Grammar, and Sources, and decided to leave most of the tech stuff out, because that was easy to observe anecdotally.

    You can check out the Kidpedia Rubric right here.

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