“Resetting” Yourself

In the age of continuous improvement (yes, I do believe we can implement processes to continually refine educational practice), the biggest danger is losing a sense of one’s “self.” In responding to data, shifting instructional practice to produce better results, and embracing the idea that your work flow could very well change from month to month (or more likely year to year) in response to outcomes, I often find myself “adrift.” Anchors and safe harbors that existed in the past are no longer adequate, nor should they if I’ve been growing in new directions, so it’s important to find a way to “reset” my sense of self.

Thankfully, my kids (and a dog) are always available to help with that.

It’s been far too long since I recorded my kids on my podcasting microphone (it was their idea originally), and I didn’t put nearly as much effort into the production; the background is too spartan, the camera angle too wide, and I have absolutely no depth to it. Putting the technical and aesthetic shortcomings aside, it was nice to take a moment to “reset” myself; find my heart, my anchor, amid the shifting work flows and duties that I am both assigned and craft for myself at work. There are times when the shifts feel overwhelming, and the need to remind myself of who I am and what I care about. In the end all of education comes down to relationships, and you can always go back to nurture them regardless of what direction you may find yourself headed.

Not a terribly long reflection today, but a needed one.


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