Be Gold

“Gold Bokeh” by megforce1 (Public Domain)

Gold is one of the most malleable metals on the face of the earth. It’s so ductile, a single ounce can be turned into thread 5 miles long. It conducts heat, electricity, and is found in leaves, the ocean, and even within the human body. In its purest form, it can be molded by hand, yet is unaffected by heat, air, or moisture. It does not oxidize, it does not tarnish, it does not rust. It is one of the most stable elements on the periodic table.

Be gold.

The elemental symbol for Gold (Au) is from Latin. Aurum, derived from Aurora, “shining dawn”. It is one of the earliest known minerals to be mined in human history, adorned the tombs of pharaohs, was used to decorate medieval manuscripts, and was one of artist Gustav Klimt’s most famous materials to work with. The medallions bestowed upon Nobel laureates and given to Olympic athletes are plated with 24-carat gold.

Be gold.

To every teacher, administrator, and school employee right now that has been hammered into an unrecognizable distortion of the educator you used to be, Be gold.

That’s it. Nothing terribly profound, or complicated. Just be gold.


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