Forum Friday – Convert PowerPoint to Movies for Free!

I have an off and on again relationship with my Forum Friday posts. Throughout the year I will often highlight interesting conversations, or usual resources and tips from the various forums (or would it be fora) that I frequent on the intertubes. Since I haven’t had a lot of activity on the forum here on the site (mostly due to phpBB’s complete lack of standard features like RSS, boo!) it was nice to see a recent comment from AndyAK, one of the long time friends of the site. Andy found a video on TeacherTube that shows a relatively simple way to convert any PowerPoint slide show into a movie file.

I know many a non-technical educators in my building that could probably follow most of those steps and be highly successful. In fact, it struck me as so simple, that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought about doing it first. Even as I type this, I’m in the middle of having my 4th graders create a short movie using PhotoStory in which they’re using drawings they’ve made on the computer and then exported as jpegs for the illustrations. It’s the same basic principal as exporting the slides as jpegs, and then importing them all into Photostory, and best of all, it doesn’t require you to get an account for Spresent, Voice Thread, or one of the other sites out there. You could even accomplish the transition from slide show to PhotoStory, and then to windows media file without even going online (in case you’re without an internet connection).

Kudos to AndyAK on the great find, and to the wonderful film maker for taking us through the steps one by one.


  1. if you need to convert ppt to dvd,i also know a quite good software—acoolsoft ppt2dvd. it is so easy to use and works so well.

  2. you can use these 2 types of software:
    1. Windows Movie Maker. It’s totally free for Windows users. You save all slides in your presentation as images like JPG,GIF, to a new file folder. Import the pictures in the folder to Windows Movie Maker one by one. You also need to add audio or video effects in the WMM.You’ll get a video in WMV

    2.Third-party conversion tools like Leawo PowerPoint to Video. Such software are not usu not free,but they have a free version (with a logo of their company) for trial. It’s a direct method for converting PowerPoint files to video or movie, and support more video output formats, e.g. MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, TS, VOB…

  3. Your power point movie file is not loading does this still work? This definitely seems like something that would be so useful to me.

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