Calling all Edu-Podcasters

It finally bit me; the podcast bug. After listening to Jim, and others, podcast for a while, I decided to have a go at it. Not that you’ll come to expect my voice every time there’s a new podcast on the site though. The Tech Savvy Educator’s first podcast is an invitation to the community here on the site to submit their own podcasts. I’ll let you listen to the podcast itself to get the info you’ll need, but suffice it to say I’m interested in having the community drive our content as we pick up more and more members.

If recording your voice, or getting over technical hurdles intimidates you, don’t worry. Just open up your favorite search engine and look up “how to podcast.” You’ll find that with just a bit of practice (vocal that is) and some simple software, you can produce something reasonably worthy of listening to. Oh, before I forget, I wanted to thank Paul for helping out with the forum so far. Sorry I didn’t get you in the podcast Paul, there was a bit of anxiety over making a recording that will go out into the ether of the Internet.

Podcast – Tech Savvy Educator – v.1_1