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On most Fridays I like to share an interesting post or resources from one of the various forum that I frequent. It’s a nice way to showcase thoughts and discoveries from others, rather than just ramble on about what I’ve been doing in my classroom.

This week however, is a bit different. It’s currently 12:51, my last morning class left about 5 minutes ago, and I feel as though I could curl up under my desk right now and take a long well-deserved selfish nap. My eyelids are a bit droopy, and the thought of caffeine makes my brain hum in a very Homer Simpson-esque “mmmMMMMmmmm”. That’s not to say all of my Fridays find me in such a state of lethargy. In fact, Friday is usually my high energy day. This week has just been particularly draining with getting 4th graders quiet enough to allow their classmates to record PhotoStories, patiently helping 3rd graders remember how to print in color (for the 4th or 5th time), and trying to convince wayward 5th graders that the computer lab really isn’t a good place to bring in a half-eaten box of “Chicken in a Biskit” crackers.

What I’m trying to get it is….I’m tired! And I need to recharge my batteries. There’s a TGIF get together for my building at a local establishment, but I live about 45 minutes away from where I work, so I really need to hit the road after school to get home in time for dinner. Which means I’ll have to find a different way to relax this evening; fine by me. Most Fridays I’ll spend just hanging out with the family; playing pretty pretty princess dress up with my 3 year old (I prefer the blue earrings and necklace), relaxing in front of a movie with my wife (waiting for Hellboy II from Netflix), and quite often getting in an hour or so of some good video game time (Fallout 3 currently) before finally calling it a night. The rest of this weekend will be spent picking out our Christmas tree from a local farm (we’ve learned to tag it early or the good ones are gone after Thanksgiving), and probably making a few cookies. Basically trying to escape the computer, connect with my family, and try to carve out some “play time” for myself.

What does everyone else do to recharge after a long week?

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  1. It occurred to me the other day that a while back our staff had a TGIF every other or every third week….we’re not so social these days, and I think it’s more age than hostility! We still mostly like each other. Our school has been open for 12 years, and there’s still a pretty fair bunch that started out there.

    We have worked a few hikes and other activities into in-service days, but not anything innovative for Fridays other than beverage and chatting…..because we really don’t get time to do that during the week.

  2. Not too many social gatherings here as we are very rural. You will miss dress up time with young ones once they drive and are everywhere. No matter, I like being home (and we need to be central with teens out and about.) We walk the dogs – all 4 of them, and cook a meal together. I curl up with my long-haired chihuahua and watch a movie (okay, I make it about 20 minutes before I am asleep.) My husband is asleep generally around the same time too. boring, I know.

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  3. Besides family, I try to mix in some workouts. My brother in law runs a crossfit gym so I’ve been giving that a shot. I try to incorporate the kids into the workouts when possible which leads to some interesting adventures. I also try to use the camera some on the weekends and catch up on RSS feeds. Lately, I’ve been getting back into cooking as well.

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  4. Sir,

    Fridays are merely the launching pad into what will be a solid weekend of learning and learning and um….learning….and a slight dosage of lea…well you get the idea. However, I think we should implement a nap of some sort on Friday afternoons… to recharge.

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