Free Persuasion-Mapping Tool

Another one from the great folks over at, the persuasion-mapping tool is a great way for students to organize their thoughts for any subject. I’ve only just discovered it last week during a PD session at our ISD. The presenter used it as an aside to her main presentation and I thought it would work perfectly with the Take A Stand Exercises I’m doing with my social studies classes.

The persuasion tool organizes a persuasive essay by leading the user through setting up the main topic, the three main reasons or points of the essay, and finally up to 3 points or facts for each of the reason (for those schools using Thinking Maps it would be a brace map). You can easily move forward or backward with the tool, making it a little easier to use at first than the Thinking Map software, which requires you to add every blank and then fill it in yourself. When it’s finished the user can then print out a very professional looking result.

If you don’t want the teacher page and just want to use it with your students you can use the direct link here.