Flash Card Machine

I’m really excited about this tool, as I’ve been looking for a way to help my students keep their vocabulary definitions organized. Before I get ahead of myself, I have to thank Todd for originally posting this site back in the summer and then reintroducing us to it this week in the forum. Why was the tool worth mentioning twice, you ask? Because it allows students to create their own digital flashcards, store them online, and share them with others.

Far superior to the paper version, the Flash Card Machine lets users organize their cards by subject, title, and description. More importantly, students don’t have to save the cards to their computers, disks, or other devices. Since the cards are stored online they have access to the cards at any Internet ready computer. The real power of the Flash Card Machine comes from the ability to share your cards with other users as well as browse other cards. Don’t have a good definition of “domestication?” Search through the Social Studies subject area. You may just find a definition that a peer has created which makes more sense than the textbook. Better yet, you can even insert images on each flash card, promoting visual/spatial learning.

As I said, I’m excited about using this with my science classes, especially since images can be used. I haven’t decided whether to have them create flash cards using my account or if they should setup their own accounts, but I definitely want to work in time for the students to view other flashcards and get used to searching the database to use as a review tool for future assessments.


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