Happy Turkey Day – Let’s Write!

Just wanted to send a warm message of Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. Enjoy your family or loved ones, eat plenty of food, and above all make sure to drive carefully, especially those in the Midwest. As I leave for the holidays here’s a link for all of you Elementary teachers, as I’ve been neglecting you lately. Meddy Bumps is a great web site that I’ve used in the past for helping develop reading fluency as it has several digital storybooks that read along with the learner. The link today comes from their learning activity page.

Alphabet Practice Pad

Want to give you elementary students extra handwriting practice or need them to develop finer motor skills with a mouse? The Alphabet Practice Pad is a digital pencil and paper, complete with the nice thick lines perfect for teaching cursive, D’nealian, or ball and stick. Pencil size can be changed, and when the user is done the work can be printed off. Not the best for simulating real handwriting, but great for practicing letter shapes and size.

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