And Now For Something Completely Different…

What could you do with this video in your classroom?

My “off the cuff” ideas:

Language Arts: Have the students write a companion poem for the video (middle or high school)

Math: Have the students attempt to estimate the amount of surface area painted during the course of the video (extra credit)

Science: Using the position of the sun, try to determine how many days/hours the artists spent creating this work (really difficult extra credit)

Fine Arts: Create a video mural of your own, just a wee bit smaller

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  1. I can see that this would be mesmerizing for students. I am a math teacher and believe that this could be used in many ways. A few others that I thought were:

    1. The ratio of the speed of the video with real time
    2. The rates of completing the project including work time varying depending on the number of people completing the job.
    3. The shapes used in creating the paintings and how geometry is important

    I believe that these people are amazing . . . I wonder how someone ever thought of this!

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