We’ve got Glu

Many of us in the field of education have no doubt shared jokes and experiences about the consumption of paste and glue in the classroom. Needless to say, the allure of playing with SuprGlu was just too much. Not the sticky variety though; the content gathering RSS-fed web site. SuprGlu is a useful Web 2.0 application that functions much the same way as Bloglines or other blog subscription services do. However, instead of publishing each of your subscriptions to separate folders or private accounts it allows you to publish all of your content on one public page, much like social bookmarking sites.

The benefit? You can now get all of your Tech Savvy Ed news on one page, including the forum, fresh links, and main blog feeds. The service (which is free by the way) even arranges tags and categories for all of the content, making it easy to sort through the various sources and information. Think of SuprGlu as the little stock market ticker at the bottom of CNN newscasts. Now imagine that you can customize the ticker to only display the stocks of interest to you, and have them aggregated by date and topic. It even tells you which source the current post is attributed to, and whether or not comments are allowed. Normally I use my e-mail client, Thunderbird, to subscribe to everything on the site, but since I’m never sure what computer I might be on, it’s nice to visit the SuprGlu page and see what’s going on with the site. Of course, you can use the tool to gather other resources, but I’m happy with my Bloglines account for now.

I’ve posted the link to the Tech Savvy EduGlu on the sidebar under Syndication if anyone’s interested in a taste.