Tonight’s Bedtime Stories

I spent the day at home with my two children, who have been feeling under the weather lately, which means I spent a great deal of time doing laundry, cooking, and running errands. I really didn’t have much time to compose a post, or think about implementing some new ideas, so I present to you Tonight’s Bedtime Stories, a wonderful blog with free audio books of famous children’s fairy tales and bedtime stories that are in the public domain (lots of Beatrix Potter). It’s bedtime here, and perhaps you can enjoy a listen before you go to bed.

While the blog is no longer being updated, they do have an archive of 79 ebooks containing PDF versions of the stories, and several audio versions. You have to be a registered member of the site to download them, but it might be worth logging in and grabbing the whole lot of them before the site goes offline. The publishers stopped posting a little more than a year ago, so I”m going to assume it might be “bed time” for the website itself soon.