Add a Moon Phase Clock to your Webpage

Boy, is that ever a bad title.

Regardless, I’ve been using this really neat little “widget” that allows you to view the current phase of the moon, its current percentage of full, and a link to get more moon phase info. You can view a demonstration of it on the blog I maintain for my classroom (it’s mostly used for posting homework, in class writing assignments, and a portal for links). The widget is free, gives the viewer the current phase of the moon, and a link to download a piece of commercial software called QuickPhase, which allows you to print out moon phase calendars and create other learning tools useful in studying the moon. My class has been using it, with a moon clock we created in class to determine what time the moon rises and sets during certain phases, as well as get a chance to view the moon. Since we’re in Michigan, most of the winter months are spent with overcast skies, so this is a nice way to study the moon whether or not you can see it.

I’m not endorsing the software as I don’t own a copy of it, nor do I intend to pay for a piece of software that creates a calendar I could easily create using MS Publisher and a few images of the moon. However, the widget is really nice as the service is free. Simply visit the Daily Moon Phase Module Page, choose the options you’d like for your Moon Phase Clock and enter your e-mail. Once they’ve verified your e-mail account you’re given some code that only requires a simple copy. Then paste it to your heart’s content on any webpage you’d like. Of course, if you don’t have a webpage you can always use the Current Moon Phase Page, which is just the widget on it’s own, no need to send them any information or copy and paste code.


  1. I know this post is ancient, but I still wanted to leave you a note to say thank you for the link. (“,) I have had this widget on my google page for a wee while and love to be able to display it on my blog.

    Thanks again.

  2. What if you want to have your mobile moon in your pocket, to watch the moon phases wherever you are?

    Here is some videos about a moon phase app for most mobile platforms, all of them have FREE versions.

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