For the Overactive Student in Your Classroom #GIFfest

You get at least one of these children in your classroom every year; the overactive student. He or she is that one child that makes the Energizer Bunny look like Droopy the Dog. If you’re quick witted, and a bit lucky, you can usually figure out what makes that particular student tick, and find ways to channel and harness that extra energy for productive work in the classroom. Some days you’re not so successful, and you wind up with what I can only describe as a “Pinkie Pie Tornado”.

pinkie pie pony tornado

Alright, so maybe you don’t equate your student’s behavior to My Little Pony characters…..but if you did, I think Pinkie Pie’s exuberance would make an excellent metaphor for some of the wilder moments that take place in classrooms just a few days before a big holiday break, whether they’re your “easily excitable” students or not. For those educators that might be dealing with such students, feel free to share this GIF with them. It kept my 7 year old daughter enthralled for at least 5 minutes, and the 3 year old put in at least a couple of minutes and a few great guffaws!

For all of you young, eager, energy-filled learners, please consider this Pinkie Pie Tornado as a tribute to your boundless vigor. I’ve created it to memorialize your zest and zeal at a time of the year when most of the adults around you would most likely be happy to take a nap right about now.



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