Please Curb Your Enthusiasm Kermit #GIFfest

In yet another installment of the ds106 GIFfest, I decided to tackle Michael Branson Smith’s animated GIF assignment and produce a Muppet GIF. It was actually pretty easy, as YouTube is overrun with great video clips from both the classic era of the Muppet Show, and the more modern Muppet creations. As soon as I accepted this growing GIF challenge, I knew I wanted to to capture the classic “Kermit arm flail“. It’s the perfect spastic out-pouring of pure jubilation, excitement, and energy.

kermit arm flailing wildly

I can safely say this uninhibited display of joy is probably happening in a lot of K-12 classrooms across the United States today, as teachers and students brace for the last days before Christmas break. I wonder if college & university professors and students might already be in full on “Kermit arm flail” state, having finished up their finals and enjoying their mid-year break a bit earlier than K-12.

Thanks to Tim Owens for giving me the inspiration for a Kermit GIF.



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