Yaar, this be the end of the Tech Savvy Educator

I had hoped to wait until the end of the school year to make this announcement, but with the coming of Spring Break, I’ve had a chance to reflect upon my own interests and passions as an educator and a person. With much reluctance and sadness, I’ve decided to end my writings of practical ways to integrate technology in the classroom. For far too long now, my writing have ceased to inspire me, and I have let my other passions and interests wane. To put it shortly, I have not been a happy blogger. Yes, I have appreciated all of the wonderful comments during the past two years, and all of the readers that have taken the time to post inciteful and helpful comments and discussions have been an invaluable resource. I acknowledge your contributions to the site, and appreciate your dedication to improving education.

However, it is with a glad heart that I am now free to pursue a cause that has long been near and dear to me. For too long now, Pirates and the general act of Piracy have had a black name, not only on the world’s oceans, but here on the Internet as well. Shameless websites have tried to besmerch the name of Pirates by comparing them to the lowly Ninja.With the advent of fast, modern, sail-less shipping vessels, underpriveleged Pirates without the means to purchase metal-sided, oil-burning ships have been forced to work as lower-class Pirates by entertaining children at amusement parks and serving as team mascots (see picture to left). Too long these unjustices have continued. Even now, Pirate children are losing the ways and customs of their parents. Proper Pirate-English is being forced out of Pirate classrooms, replaced with Piratonics, an attempt to water down the vibrant and rich language of the Pirates in an effort to eradicate Pirate speech. Because of this I have decided to rededicate this site to all things Pirate, and help raise awareness of Pirate issues and concerns in our world today.


No more injustices against Pirates! Eye-patches should be worn with pride, says I. Peg legs, talkin’ parrots, and foul breath are cultural icons that should be preserved. Tis time that I pursue me true passions and int’rests. Hence forth, I’ll be bloggin’ about the Pirate cause. No more makin’ me’self miserable postin’ about computerin’ and such. Shiver me timbers! Tis time that the Pirate cause was spread, not only on the Internet, but in locker rooms, pubs, ship galleys, and houses of ill-repute. Me membership to the Revered Order of Pirates and Rogues has been accepted, and talkin’ like a Pirate isn’t just fer one lousy day a year nomore. From now on, everyday is a fine day to be talkin’ like a Pirate!

If yer as passionate about Piratin’ and Piracy as much as I am, or if you’re readin’ this post from one of those RSS Read’rs, make sure that ye stop by the actual site here to see all of the helpful Piratey links and pictures. Thanks fer all your loyal readin’ the past few years, and if you don’t feel that the brand new Pirate Savvy Educator is for you, then ye can walk the plank, you scurvy dog!


  1. Thank you for the many incites and resources posted to the Tech Savvy Educator. I’m hoping this is not really good bye, but a well-deserved hiatus.

  2. hooray for pirates! do pirates type? ahh well, at least they are reasonably good looking (johnny depp makes a mighty fine pirate). speaking of…why isn’t there a picture of my favorite pirate on this new site? maybe tomorrow…

  3. Oh, it’s a sad day to discover one of the more erudite and informed sources of ed tech is going through an identity change!
    Sorry… cartoons were never my thing.. (never was a child, I guess).. and I certainly can’t stand the ersatz botched up language! SO… my (and my students) loss…
    Enjoy yourself… yes, whatever you like is well deserved. Thank you for all your timely, relevant input. I will miss you.
    Please take my name off the mailing list.

  4. Aye! And, it’s high time too, ye blaggard!!!

    I’ll bring me shovel and we’ll be off to look for Blackbeard’s treasure! Or… forget the shovel and sit in Blackbeard’s Castle dig up some fine Caribbean Rum!

    Hoist the sails for Charlotte Amalie!!!!

  5. This talk of “lowly ninjas” might leave you hanging from a yard arm or sleepin with the fishes so I’d curb y’r waggish tongue.

    I’d also be wary of the most deadly blackard of all the ninja pirate!



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