April Fools!

A huge special thanks to those of you yesterday that took the time to stop by the site and offer you condolences and well-wishes as I jokingly announced my retirement from the world of educational technology blogging in order to pursue my interests in Piracy and Privateering. Those darn under-privileged Pirates need a voice to defend them 🙂

I am grateful for everyone that left a message of support, and I hope that I didn’t upset too many with my little April Fool’s Day prank. I tried to make it as authentic as I could, right down to the Pirate-speak translator I activated for the comments. If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post, or see some of the Pirate-talk that was thrown about in the comments, it’s worth a read for the chuckles they will likely bring.

I’ll be back first thing tomorrow, or perhaps this afternoon if I’m up to it, blogging once again about Education, technology, and sharing plenty more of those helpful and/or reflective little tid bits for all to enjoy. In the meantime, you really should check out the Talk Like a Pirate Day blog; it’s rather funny, and may inspire you to play your own little prank next school year on Talk Like a Pirate Day.


  1. Actually, you had me real worried at first. I know keeping things going is a lot of work and I can understand how one might feel like it is way too time consuming and want to bow out for a time. I would be lost considering how much I have come to rely on what I pick up here.
    But…. I saw the date and my old brain must have been working pretty well. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the kind words Rosemary. Sorry to have to put you through that bit of a shock, but what would April and Springtime be without a few suprises? 🙂

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