How To: Export Your Google Reader Subscriptions

Help, the sky is falling, the sky is fall….er, Google is closing down Google Reader as of July 1st, 2013. I know a LOT of educators use Google Reader for subscribing to professional, casual, and entertainment blogs through RSS. Many students use Google Reader as well to follow blogs for classroom purposes. Sadly, that’s all ending in less than 4 months. Time to start packing up subscriptions and moving to new digital tool for RSS subscriptions!

Here’s how to export your subscriptions out of Google Reader into one neat XML file you can use to import your feeds back into other RSS feed readers.


This is only half the journey! Now you need to import that subscriptions.xml file into a new RSS feed reader. I use Newsblur (they’re getting hammered right now with new sign-ups), but there are plenty more out there! Please share your favorite RSS reader in the comments, and I’ll add them to a post tomorrow about alternatives to Google Reader for RSS subscriptions.


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