Alternatives to Google Reader

Yesterday I shared a quick “how-to” video about exporting your Google Reader subscriptions. It’s the first step for users looking to find a new RSS feed reader with the announcement this week that Google will shutter the service on July 1st. I shot out a tweet asking for alternatives to Google’s Reader service, and created the Storify below of some alternatives. Hopefully, the second step of getting your exported subscriptions into a new RSS reader goes well.

A quick run down of alternative RSS feed reader alternatives to Google Reader, as collected from the greater Twitterverse!


    1. D’arcy makes a great point about the data mining; it’s one of the primary reasons I switched over to Newsblur 2 years ago. I figured if I’m the one paying for the service, then I’m the customer. If I ever get brave enough, I might even take the Newblur code (it’s open source) and run my own instance of it.

      This is the second time I’ve run across Fever after posting this…might have to update the original to include it. It looks pretty interesting, and falls in line with the Tiny Tiny RSS “DIY” ethos.

  1. I walked through them all (RSS Feed Readers). NewsBlur is by far the closest to Google Reader’s capabilities in managing and organizing feeds. I made the transition easily.

    1. Awesome, thanks for the report, Ron! Having used NewsBlur myself for so long, I haven’t really looked at others. I appreciate the ability in NewsBlur to look at just the feed or the original content directly through the web app. Hoping others are finding tools that fit their needs.

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