Forum Friday – Exploratorium

Better late than never! Every Friday I like to pull a useful bit of information, or or interesting discussion, from the Tech Savvy Ed forum to share with a wider audience. This week, I got a little behind, seeing as this is being posted on Saturday. So as not to bore anyone with the typical craziness that is the end of the school year for most teachers, I’ll skip why this post is late, and show off a wonderfully helpful site that was posted by Shawn (aka Knaacks).


The Exploratorium is a site that I’ve written about on a number of occasions, and it probably one of the best “one stop shop” for science activities, simulations, and ideas for hands-on activities that you can do in your classroom. An “experimental hands-on” science museum in San Fransisco, the Exploratorium maintains an impressive website to compliment it’s real life exhibits. Everything from online videos of a cow eye’s dissection (gross, but free!) to Science Snacks (guides on how to build your own miniature science exhibits) can be found on the site. I particularly enjoyed the video archives of the Robot Sumo competition, but there are numerous resources on space weather, climate change, and other interesting, and timely, topics to use in your science classroom. Enjoy!