Mr. Potato Head Meets Picasso

I love all of the connections, discoveries, and links that are created from my blogging efforts. Case in point; TechWarrior, a relatively new blog (less than a year old) put up a link to my site, so I paid a visit to the site to see what I could discover. Lo and behold, I found a fun little site that explores what Mr. Potato Head would look like given a Picasso-esque make over.

Mr. Picasso Head

Mr. Picasso Head allows users to create their own Picasso inspired portraits using drag and drop facial features including eyes, noses, hair, and others. You can then share your creation with others via e-mail or save it for later use and viewing in the online gallery. This would be a great tool for Art teachers looking for a simple way for students to start thinking about creating and sharing artwork online, but more importantly, it can help to illustrate concepts like perspective, aesthetics, and composition, as the greater work is dependent upon not just which pieces you pick, but also how you arrange them, color them, and manipulate them.

General Ed teachers could use the tool as a fun way to introduce lessons on diversity, having the students create their own Picasso Heads and then looking for similarities and differences among them. More enterprising Secondary teachers could use the tool as a centerpiece for creative writing projects, or as a simple tie-in to art history or cultural lessons. I hope I’m not going out too far on a limb with these ideas, as the website isn’t terribly robust. However, there are a lot of really fun little ideas to be done with this site.


  1. Dang, Tom, you’re fast. That wasn’t even posted for 10 minutes and you got a comment in, nice!

    I noticed the web address and figured it was someone working with you or near you, so I was extra excited to make a post about it. Thanks for the info on the Presidential blog too; finally, a blog for a neutral position, and not just one of the candidates many personal blogs (which aren’t really written by the candidates themselves, ha!)

  2. this is a fun site. I’ll let my kids use this one on choice day next week and see what they think about it.

  3. I mentioned your site to Mike as a good one to check out. He’s jumped into blogging whole heartedly and I’m glad to see it. The more the merrier and I really can’t think of a better way to take things to the next level.

    We just hired three new ITRTs (my position) this year so keep Henrico in mind if you ever feel like heading south. I’d make a good reference!


  4. ok, so I found out (the hard way) that MrPicassoHead is NOT mac friendly. My poor students could see everything clearly, but they couldn’t move any of the body parts. I wonder if there is a Mac friendly version of this nifty little site?

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