Help Me Be #Screenchamp

One little click.

That’s all it takes.

Alright, so two clicks, once to get to my video, and one to click the “Like” button 🙂

For those that don’t know, I submitted my “How to Screen Record Your iPad” tutorial to Techsmith’s Screenchamp competition. Techsmith is one of those insanely cool companies that develops all sorts of nice screencasting and video creation applications across a range of platforms. They also happen to be based right here in Michigan (I’ve visisted their campus a few times, you should too!). I submitted among dozens of professionally created screencasts, going up against people that create video tutorials and recordings for a living as consultants or well paid social media types. Imagine my surprise when I was chosen as one of just 16 finalists!

Further imagine my chagrin when I realized that I had vowed to step back from blogging in November so I could focus on a lot of happenings at school. I’ve been writing and working, just not blogging here, where I could have been promoting this achievement. I’ve also been coordinating professional development for data analysis, coordinating some video conferences for 3rd grade classrooms, working on a secret video project about our district’s philosophy of education, and dealing with 17 inches of freak snow and wind storms that tore a hole in the roof of our high school’s gymnasium and shut the district down for two days. You know, fun stuff!

Why Should You Help Me Out?

While I am a self-proclaimed technology-savvy individual, I’m also one that doesn’t always put himself first, which can have a detrimental effect on the work I do. Every year I help funnel thousands of dollars worth of technology grants into the hands of teachers and students in my district, and other than a flipcam and a wireless mouse, I haven’t used any of my district’s technology department budget to procure fun tools and toys for myself. It’s a flaw, one that forces me to borrow tripods for video projects, use microphones and other loaner equipment from other teachers. I don’t have a classroom of my own, so it’s more important to me that funds are spent directly on students or on teachers that are working closely with students everyday. So in a way, this is sort of a selfish request, as the prizes for People’s Choice would be pretty nice for bringing a new level of quality to the video work I do for my district.

Suffice it to say, I couldn’t stay silent any longer because the votes for Screenchamp “People’s Choice” will be tallied on December 4th, and I wanted to give anyone and everyone a chance to vote and help spread word to any and all of your colleagues, friends, or family that you feel might be able to help support me. So to all 5 or 6 individuals who still read my blog on a regular basis (there are more of you, I know, but I’ve been gone for awhile), please consider going over to Youtube and giving my “How to” video a thumbs up! If you like it, or it’s useful, please share where you feel comfortable sharing!

Oh, and have a great Thanksgiving!